Certified Cuticle Removal

Back Massage & Meditation

Click here - Brazilian Style Pedicure

New Exclusive Nail Polish

Click here - dries in 5 minutes + long lasting

No UV lamp

Remove at home

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Teeth Whitening

Every Tuesday & Thursday


Repair & Growth - Nail Cream

Get rid of pain, bitting, weak nails and excessive cuticles. It’s time to have healthy, strong and beautiful nails.

Powered by Argan oil and Vitamin E.


Revolutionary & Exclusive.

Amazing fragrance!

Twist, apply and massage. No mess!


Magic Pen Results

Dry Cuticles and Shellac Removal

8 weeks result

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Soft Nails

4 weeks Result

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She used acrylic for 2 years

Get rid of pain!
2 Magic Pens, long term result


Do you bite your nails?

You can start to using the pen today! 
8 weeks result


Dip powder Removal

Are you trying to have your nails back?
6 weeks result