Rent a Room inside Daline Nails!

Quiet Environment, Meditation and Essential Oil - Experience is Everything!

Provide the best experience to your customers and to yourself!

At Daline Nails we offer an environment with essential oils with meditation music playing in the ceiling of all rooms.


No Hair Dryer Noise


We know how frustrating it is for you and your customers to be in an environment with the constant noise of hair dryer. For that reason, we don't provide hair services at Daline Nails and the rooms are not available for hairdressers.

Queen Selfie Room for Customers

We have a huge selfie room with flower walls available to your customers.

They can take pictures and post on Instagram to advertise your business.

Selfie Room.jpg

Get Access to More Customers

The salon has a Google Maps 5-star rating and has been trading in Dee Why since 2015. Our customers are local but they also come from far away such as Penrith and Wollongong.

Daline Nails also has a nail product being sold on Priceline Dee Why. We get customers not just from the salon but also customers who try our product and make a booking to get to know more about Daline Nails.

By leasing a room inside Daline Nails, all these customers will be yours.

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Best Room in Dee Why... For a Limited Time!

We have a number of people getting in touch to lease the rooms after lockdown. Register your interest below to get priority.

Don't miss this out!

There are many options for lease. From fixed rent to commission-based, and daily rates. Let's have a chat and see which option fits better for you.

You'll speak directly to Daline, no Real Estate agency or middleman. We mean business!



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